Amidst a culture that overlooks the profound interplay between mind and body, let us first grasp the essence of trauma within the context of our current scientific understandings.

Part 3 of the Trauma Aware Series -Online Class
Core Concepts of Trauma Theory

This online class launches May 25th!

Total Suggested Hours to Complete: 5-10 hours 


This online class is a deep introduction into the concepts, theory, and science behind trauma informed.

Through an engaging multi-media course, students will move deeper into the principles of trauma-informed practice, equipping them with essential theoretical knowledge to understand the complexities of trauma within healthcare settings.  

By studying of theory and concepts rooted in interpersonal neurobiology, participants will gain a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics between trauma, the body, and the mind. 

Additional Practice Requirements
It is highly recommended you concurrently have weekly private sessions with a skilled Somatic Therapist while you take this course. Integration of this material deep into your own unique nervous system is vital for becoming truly trauma informed in your work with others. Completion of all levels and certification in TISP or TISI will require a min of 6 hours of private sessions logged per Level.

Listening Buddy Sessions:
You will be instructed to take another student as a practice buddy so you can have weekly listening explorations together and keep the learned material alive.



Cost: $333

Course launches May 15th

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