Finally, courses that offer a practical framework of Trauma-Informed care with cutting-edge experiential Somatic skills to meet Trauma within your Scope of Practice!

 Trauma Informed Somatic Intelligence (TISI)

for RMT’S & Other Health Professionals


Explaining "Trauma" and "Somatic" - 3 min

TISI Intro Talk - 40 min

In this video Ginger explains how being trauma-informed can improve your professional practice, what somatic skills are, and how the TISI program can better equip you to assist your clients. Click to  discover how it can elevate your practice and the field of healthcare!

Trauma Informed Somatic Intelligence
Full Training Program


A minimum of 2 years experience working in the field as professional healthcare clinician or approval from instructors upon their discretion.

Trauma Aware Online Classes:
Online classes launch April 15th

All are included within the TISI program


More info coming soon


Level 1: 3 Days In Person Training Workshops
Bringing trauma informed approach to the self through somatic sensing

Level 2: 4 Days In Person Training Workshops
Using somatic intelligence to work with self and other in scope of practice

Level 3: 4 Days In Person Training Workshops
Direct applications for working with trauma in your treatment room

All Levels Also Include:

Online Zoom Group Supervision: 
Biweekly Mondays 6-8 pm -2 hr Group Discussions via zoom

Self Paced Online Class Components
Understanding the concepts for being a trauma informed therapist


BooksBessel Vanderkolk: The Body Keeps The Score
Stephen Porges: Polyvagal Theory, Neurophysiological Foundations
Diane Poole-Heller: The Power of Attachment
Bonnie Badenoch: Being A Brain-Wise Therapist
Richard Shwartz: No Bad PartsGabor Mate: When The Body Says no
Kathy Kane: The Tao of Trauma
Peter Levigne: Waking the Tiger
Gabor Mate: The Myth of Normal
Gabor Mate: In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts


Alan Schore: 'Modern Attachment Theory' Article written in 'the clinical social work journal'

Other Resources

Reggie Raye: Somatic Meditations