Finally, courses that offer a practical framework of Trauma-Informed care with cutting-edge experiential Somatic skills to meet Trauma within your Scope of Practice!

At Tending The Field, we are dedicated to building a Trauma Informed Health Care System one step at a time.  We offer innovative professional development classes and training programs for practitioners keen to develop skills for understanding and working with Trauma.

Trauma Aware Online Courses:

Our Trauma Aware Classes guide you to first grasp the concepts of trauma within our currents clinical and scientific understandings.  Here you begin to expand your understanding of the interplay between mind and body. 
These classes enable practitioners, caregivers, and facilitators to develop an awareness of of how trauma impacts their clients and themselves.

Trauma Informed Somatic Intelligence Certification-
Training Program

Our full training program of Trauma Informed Somatic Intelligence (TISI)  offers the foundations of the trauma aware classes within a comprehensive program and includes a strong experiential component. 
This intensive trainings prepares practitioners, caregivers, and facilitators to develop practical and essential skills within their own nervous systems. for creating safety for clients and practitioners alike.

Join us on this transformative journey towards a healthier HEALTHCARE SYSTEM FOR ALL

 Trauma Informed Somatic Intelligence (TISI)

for RMT’S & Other Health Professionals


Explaining "Trauma" and "Somatic"
- 3 min

Check out this quick clip to learn what these two very
important terms mean!

TISI Intro Talk - 40 min

In this video Ginger explains how being trauma-informed can improve your professional practice, what somatic skills are, and how the TISI program can better equip you to assist your clients. Click to  discover how it can elevate your practice and the field of healthcare!

TISI Certification For Manual Health Professionals

Location:  Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studios 
Downtown Vernon BC

Our certification programs are based out of Vernon BC where in person weekend seminars will be held in
the peaceful atmosphere of the Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studios.

Dates to Be Announced ~ please let us know if you would like to be informed!


 Trauma Aware Classes Online

At your own pace, From your own home!

   Our online classes offer you an at your own pace introduction into the foundations of trauma theory from current clinical and         scientific understandings.  These classes give will establish you as a Trauma Aware practitioner and provide a strong foundation as you journey towards becoming a Trauma Informed practitioner. 

  IN DEVELOPMENT  Launching June 2024!
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