Finally, courses that offer a practical framework of Trauma-Informed care with cutting-edge experiential Somatic skills to meet Trauma within your Scope of Practice!

At Tending The Field, we offer innovative Trauma informed Training programs with a strong experiential component enabling practitioners, caregivers, and facilitators to develop practical and essential skills in creating safety for clients and practitioners alike.
You will have increased resilience from burnout and see your most reluctant clients progress with ease and efficiency.
You will learn to access right-brain communication, recognize trauma symptoms, and work safely within a trauma-informed framework, all while maintaining the integrity of your current practice!  You can create safer and more effective treatments with your clients.
These Training Programs offer a strong experiential component to rewire your brain and develop the essential skill of accessing right brain to right brain communication from a felt sense of yourself. This Somatic Intelligence is a skill that will set you apart as a therapist who deeply understands the experience of the nervous system and its involvement in any healing journey. 

Join us on this transformative journey towards a healthier HEALTHCARE SYSTEM FOR ALL

TISI For Manual Health Professionals

Location:  Tidal Elements Healing Arts Studios 
Downtown Vernon BC

Our Vernon in person workshop components will be held in the peaceful atmosphere of the
Tidal Arts Healing studios with many amenities nearby to nourish and support our learning.

Beginning May 6th 2024!


 TISI For Healers and Facilitators

In Person Location: 

Star River Sanctuary Retreat Center
(15 min drive from Nelson BC)

Our in person workshop components will be held in the beautiful setting of the Star River Retreat Center, where your nervous system will be well resourced for the deep work of rewiring your somatic intelligence. 

  Coming Sept 2024 



  • Emma Purdon RMT
    This training is the missing piece I was looking for to bring into my practice. The tools I've learnt so far are invaluable for working therapeutically with people and have also given me resources to apply to my own life, professionally and personally. This work is where the true healing happens.
    Emma Purdon RMT
  • Julie Roberts MOT
    I am so thankful that I took the TISI program, it has upgraded not only my ability to support clients in facilitating mindbody healing, but also support my own growth and healing. It was exactly what I was looking for in an introductory, trauma informed somatic based program. Ginger and Julie are wonderful instructors that provide a unique and authentic experience in class. I look forward to the next TISI programs and continuing my learning with them.
    Julie Roberts MOT
  • Julie Roberts MOT
    I really enjoyed the process and flow of the program, I felt supported and that you and Julie were very supportive. Love the the small class size and felt safe speaking in class. Doing Tai Chi in the morning, sitting in circle, as well as work in dyads were some highlights that made it unique and integrative. The binder and lectures were very helpful to explain the concepts.
    Julie Roberts MOT
  • I'm so happy that I learned this, that I can do this, that I can practice this!!
  • Lana Blain RMT
    Ginger Joy taught me how to feel into what people were feeling, and to feel it in my own body. I knew that this was a thing we people can do but I never did it personally because I felt like it could stay with me. Now I know this is a tool I can use to connect with my clients and then release it. I was able to practice this with my clients and it was amazing!
    Lana Blain RMT